27 January 2015

Royal Baby Gifts

When Prince George came into the world back in 2013, his parents were bombarded with gifts. On nearly every one of their visits they are presented with a miniature version of something from amphibious boats to basketball jerseys. And it seems that the case is no different over in Monaco ,where the baby gifts have begun in earnest, with the presentation of two adorable mini race-cars for Princess Gabriella and Prince Jaques.

What is it about things in miniature that makes the so insanely adorable?! Sure they're probably a little extravagant especially given the sheer amount received. Prince George, for example, received over 700 gifts just last year! That aside, I don't think I'll ever tire of seeing all the gifts for Royal babies. They're just so freaking cute!

And let's be honest, it's even cuter when they present the gift to the child themselves, even if they do throw it to the ground about 2 seconds later...

What do you think of all the Royal baby gifts? A bit much or just harmless, adorable fun? Let me know in the comments below.

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