20 February 2015

Princess Leonore Turns One!

This little cutie patootie celebrates her 1st birthday today and in honour of the occasion two new official photographs have been released. They are both lovely photos but this one has to take the crown purely for the presence of the teddy bear and an adorable pose which just add an extra cute factor.

I have to say, it surprises me how little Leonore looks like her cousin Princess Estelle. I'm not very good at saying who babies look like but I definitely fell like Estelle gets her looks from her mother, Crown Princess Victoria, whereas it seems Leonore here takes after her father, Chris O'Neill. 

It seems crazy to think that it's already been a year since Princess Leonore was born and the first little glimpse of her (sort of) was the dinky little footprint on her daddy's arm. Just another reminder of how fast time goes by.

This next year will surely be an exciting for little Leonore, and Sweden, as she becomes a big sister with Princess Madeleine due to give birth this Summer. But for now, let's focus on today by wishing her a very happy birthday.

Grattis Prinsessan Leonore!

Photos: Brigitte Grenfeldt, The Royal Court, Sweden 

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