04 February 2015

The First Royal Gif, Apparently

Well, that's what the papers are saying. Clearly they've never been on tumblr where not only can you find endless amounts of gifs of all of the royals but they are much better quality than these.

Ok, so these are the first ones in which a royal has posed specifically for it to become a gif but still, it's not exactly groundbreaking.

The whole point of these gifs is to promote Guillemot, which is a short film that has been funded by The Royal Foundation. Prince Harry, who of course is a patron, was in Nottingham yesterday for the film's premiere.

I have to be honest, I don't really get the whole thing. It probably is because I'm on tumblr and see gifs every single day but I feel like they're trying really hard to come across as, dare I say it, "hip" and it's just not working for me. Maybe if the gifs were more interesting and well, better, then I could get on board but I can't say that I'm itching to see the film because of them.

What do you think? Are they trying to hard or do you think it's a clever way of bringing attention to the film?

Megan x

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